PopNoggins Video System

PopNoggins utilizes “green screen” technology to superimpose players heads onto dancing bodies. Up to six people (or less) at a time can perform to popular tunes such as Love Shack or kick it old school with New York New York. With many combinations, PopNoggins outshines the competition!

When the music stops, the video is placed on DVDs and a new group of players can start instantly. Each guest can take home a DVD due to PopNoggins exclusive ability to create six DVDs simultaneously.

The built-in YouTube uploader can send each video online instantly! You can have each of your events video online for the world to enjoy!

Looking for something different and exciting that will make your events stand out? How about something that will make your booth the talk of the trade show? Why not check out Popnoggins Software? Popnoggins is the leader in interactive instant photos and videos and we have over 20 years of experience in event marketing.

Our Green Screen App is sure to draw attention by allowing your event participants to create their own souvenir of the event. This means that you are not distributing some useless trinket that gets thrown out a week after the event. You are allowing them to create a memory that they will hold on to for years to come.