Rail Chase | Arcade Game Rentals

Equipped with a magical bench seat, the Rail Chase arcade game is targeted for two players. Enjoy the exhilaration of racing through the abrupt turns in a lightning fast railcar. In this game, you are the chasee rather than the chaser. Flee from the evil den as you try to escape through a railway of complex junctions and continuously appearing sharp curves and slopes. While you expertly maneuver around the obstacles along the railway, utilize your on board weapons to escape the enemy! This game is the perfect size to fit in a trade show booth, at a corporate event or private party.

Game Play:

Two players sit down on the interactive, motion seat. The goal is to escape the pursuit of the enemies. With sharp turns and twists, you have to work together to choose your path and defend yourselves. Choose the wrong junction and your journey may be over.

Power Requirements: 
(1) 110v 20amp