Event and Reception Lighting ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Events

 Decor Lighting can Make or Break your event

When planning an event people often spend large amounts of time looking at linens, drapery, and centerpieces but the most overlooked decoration is the one that could make or break your room. Lighting. Event lighting is one of the most important decorations you could have for your event. It can take a boring old drab room and transform it into a beautiful banquet or event hall. This important decoration becomes even more important when you move your event outdoors. Take a look at these pictures  before and after lighting was applied to a banquet room.

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There is such a difference between the rooms just by adding LED uplighting. The uplighting is used to not only add color to the room but to draw attention to certain areas and add accents to walls. With different lights and different colors, you can transform almost any room or environment into one that you can feel comfortable in and more importantly, one that matches your decorations.

Don’t forget about outdoor events now. Having an event outdoors means you not only have to plan how everything looks but also make sure people can see where they are going and what they are doing. The common method for this is to use led lighting or those bright dull floodlights to illuminate the area. But what if there was a solution that brought the best of both of these things into one product. There is and it is called Airstar.

Airstar products work great for outdoor events or large indoor areas where soft colorful lighting is required. There is no need to set up lighting truss with tons of lights because a single Airstar product can cover large areas in soft light with almost no effort. The benefit of AirStar products is that they can be branded to add that extra element to your event.

If you are looking to bring the “WOW” factor to your next event then contact the event lighting experts at Absolute Amusements to see how we can help bring a little color to your next event. Click here to find out more information.