Registration Kiosk | Onsite Badge Printing

Our Registration Kiosks and Onsite Badge Printing work in tandem to offer a seamless onsite check in process for your attendees and clients. Our white label onsite check in services blend in effortlessly with your existing conference management solutions.

Our Registration and Check In Kiosks are easy to use. We are able to integrate with a number of different online registration platforms. Your attendees can even access their schedules and sessions they’re registered for on our tabletop kiosks. If you are interested in free-standing, all-in-one or other style kiosks, please feel free to ask us about our options and availability. Our kiosks can be branded inside and out with custom backgrounds, graphics, logos, and even questionnaires.


Along with our Registration Kiosks, we offer Onsite Badge Printing for your event needs. Guests walk up to the Registration Kiosks, search and select their names, and their badges will be printed at the registration desk. We have several badge options available: paper badges, plastic badges, and even RFID badges. You tell us which badges, credentials and information you would like to be printed onsite and we take care of the rest. You can even choose to add QR codes to the badges for lead retrieval and let attendees take a Selphy to display on their badge!