Silent Disco | Silent Party

Make your next event memorable by doing a Silent Party! Add fun lights and a dance floor and you have yourself a Disco!

Why would I need to do a silent disco?

For starters, Silent Discos make for unique events. Trust us.  Watching an entire ballroom do the Cha Cha Slide in a silent ballroom is priceless! Each person gets their own “speaker” that beams them into the music. Take off the headphones and you can hold a normal conversation without shouting or having to leave the room. They are perfect for venues where you have noise restrictions or a networking event where you need to carry on conversations with people. Our Silent Disco headphones and equipment can be used for corporate events, private social gatherings, product launches and more!

Why should we book with you?

Because we’re awesome! But if that’s not a satisfying answer, our product is superior in its field. Our Silent Disco headphones offer quality audio with up to 3 channels/mixes. Each mix is indicated by a different color. We have the DJs that can make your event a success. With over 20 years in the event planning business, we can work with your AV vendors, DJs, and the hotel to ensure your event is a success.

If you are looking at throwing a private party, networking event or corporate gathering in Orlando, Las Vegas or even nationwide, then give us a call today!