How to Simplify Conference Registration and Check In

Does your conference registration look like this? Do you have long check in lines at your conference and have a hard time of knowing who has actually checked in? Then it might be time to simplify your registration and check in process. Self Registration and Badge Printing Kiosk can be a way to cut down on your expenditures and staffing cost.

Simplify your process by having your attendees walk up to kiosk, search for their name and get their badges printed in seconds. Once they print their badge, they are checked in to the conference. This is all done in real time. You can then search for certain people or run a report to see who has checked in. With a system like this, you can also track sessions to see who is attending breakouts.


If you are hosting a trade show or exhibit hall and would like to offer lead capture to your vendors, our integrated system allows for the scanning of RFID or bar-codes to collect things like email addresses and phone numbers.

If you are looking for onsite self registration kiosks with integrated real time badge printing, then give one of our sales staff a call today.