Summer Picnic Decor Ideas

Decor Ideas for Your next Summer Picnic or Event

With summer almost here many people are looking to plan their summer events. Whether you are doing a corporate event or a private social gathering you can take these ideas and modify them to fit the size and budget of your event.

Hot Air Balloons

Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

The first decor idea for your next summer event can be hot air balloons. Now we understand not everyone has the location or the budget to rent a hot air balloon ride for your next event but if you do even better! The idea is to do a tethered hot air balloon ride. Your guest can ride up and take a short 5 to 10 minute ride without going that far!

Photo by: 5ive15ifteen Photography
Photo by: 5ive15ifteen Photography

If you don’t quite have the budget for that then consider doing a hot air balloon themed event with your center pieces being mini hot air balloons. You can use wicker elements placed around the venue to give you the feel that you are close to a hot air balloon.

Picnic Gardens

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You may be in the city or in an industrial park where you can’t get some grassy areas. The best option for your event is to lay down some fake grass and picnic blankets with some pillows to create an oasis in the city. This type of setup is a little nontraditional for a company picnic but encourages people to have fun and embrace the outside feel. This picnic setup is great for events where you may have a lot of family members or kids coming to the event.

Share A Basket

photo by marla aufmuth
Photo: Marla Aufmuth of TEDActive

Most major companies spend thousands of dollars a year an a effort to make their employees and their teams work together. Everything from incentives to employee picnics there are many different techniques. Pictured on right is of a TEDActive event in which people were given some picnic baskets that feed seven people. The idea was that it would encourage people to meet six others that they could eat and connect with.