Trade Show Traffic Builders – How to engage people in a tradeshow.


How can I engage my clients, build traffic to my trade show booth, and get a return on my investment?

We get this question all the time. The answer is simple, it comes in the form of a “traffic builders“. What is a traffic builder you ask? Well a traffic builder is something that causes people to stop at your booth and want to learn about your product.

Trade show Booth

Experts will argue all day on how this is best accomplished. Some experts will say to build booths that are beautiful and big and use graphics that will attract attention. The traditional way to do this is pictured at left. This type of booth does attract attention and stands out against the rows of other booths. However, it is still missing something.

With the traditional method like the one pictured on left, you might get some traffic and people check out your product and get information but once they leave your booth you loose their engagement. Those pens or water bottles get lost in the hundreds of other free items they have that often get stuffed into a drawer. So how do you engage them in a way that will make them remember you when they go home?

Custom Branded Ring Toss

The answer lies in interactive attractions that have your branding or message incorporated into them. An example is pictured at right with a custom ring toss. It gives people the opportunity to be engaged while promoting your brand or message. They can take pictures of themselves playing the game and post it to social media. Besides, people remember the things that bring them joy.


Another example of a good traffic builder is our Digital Graffiti Wall. The digital graffiti wall is an interactive experience that can be branded with your logo. Guest get to paint graffiti art on a digital canvas that can then be printed out or emailed to them. They can then go share this all over social media promoting your brand!

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