Virtual Pinball

Whether you’re planning to Save the Galaxy as a Jedi or become a Superhero on Earth, our new Virtual Pinball Game Rentals are sure to bring Absolute Fun! Similar to the traditional Pinball machine, our Virtual Pinball Rentals allow the players to use the precision of your flipper, to launch pinballs and score points!

With cool lights and sounds, your guests will have the traditional feel of a pinball game, with a cinematic feel. Rapidly tap the flipper buttons or strategically play through the stories.

Absolute Amusements carries both Star Wars and Marvel Virtual Pinball Machines. Each Virtual Pinball game contains multiple games that can be played. With so many choices, your guests will always have something to play.



Absolute Amusements rentals are available throughout the Central Florida Area including Orlando, Tampa, Daytona, Lake Mary, Sanford , Kissimmee, and more! While we service all of Florida, we also travel nationwide to service your area.

Product Details:

Height: 60″

Width: 17″

Depth: 35″

Power Requirements: (1) 5 -Amp


Marvel Games Included:                                                Star Wars Games Included 

 Spider-Man                                                                         Boba Fett™

Civil War                                                                              A New Hope™

Wolverine                                                                           Ahch-To Island™

X-Men                                                                                  Battle of Mimban™

Thor                                                                                     Darth Vader™

Marvel’s Women of Power- A-Force                              Masters of the Force™

Ghost Rider                                                                         Star Wars: Rebels™

Venom                                                                                 Han Solo™

Fantastic Four                                                                    The Force Awakens™

Fear Itself                                                                            The Empire Strikes Back™


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