WiFi Rental and Networking Services

Connect your customers, employees and trade show attendees with our event WiFi rentals and networking services

Absolute Amusements offers WiFi rentals for all types of events. Whether you are looking to provide WiFi for your trade show booth, corporate reception, private social event or sales conference, we have a product for you.

Event Rental, Wireless router for event rentals, corporate event wifi, convention wifiOur WiFi products are portable and versatile allowing us to go to places without an existing WiFi structure. If you are doing an offsite excursion for your corporate event and need to provide WiFi, then don’t worry – we can help!

Even if you are looking for WiFi solutions for a small number of people, we have a solution to fit. WiFi rentals can be more than just internet connection. With our internet solutions, your sponsors, partners or exhibitors can create ads to be placed on custom WiFi login screens. We can even tell you after your event where the most people went, so you can increase booth prices! Check out a few of our WiFi solutions below.

USB Modem Rental (AirCards)

Event WIFI Rental, Aircard Rental, We can provide WiFi for one person all the way up to 10,000 people for a sales conference or corporate trade show. We have personal solutions like our USB modem or AirCard. This is perfect for a single laptop to logon and browse the internet.


Personal Hotspots Rentals

Event WiFi Rental, Personal Hotspot Rental,

The personal hotspot is great when you are providing access for a small group of people with up to 10 devices. Our battery powered hotspot is portable, light and gives you quick access to the internet.


Cradelpoint Wireless AP/Modem

Event Wifi Rental, Wireless modem access point

The Cradelpoint Wireless Access Point and Modem is the perfect solution when you are looking to provide WiFi for a group of 30-50 people. The Cradelpoint can be setup as a fall over for spotty convention WiFi or as the main source for internet connection.


If you are doing a corporate event, trade show or offsite excursion, then consider our wireless internet options. Don’t rely on those often expensive and spotty internet connections from the convention centers or hotels. Let us provide internet for your next event.