Asking the Right Questions When Choosing a DJ for Your Event or Party

DJA DJ Can Make or Break Your Party

Everyone has experienced it at least once in life. You know what were talking about. You go to a reception, wedding, or party with a DJ and the night is going well until the DJ starts throwing in songs that don’t match the energy and tempo of the crowed. It turns an awesome evening into one that everyone will remember – for the wrong reasons.

When you are booking a DJ for an event or party there are a few things that you need to ask your DJ before booking them.

1.) Do they have experience with your type of event. 

Not every DJ can do every type of event. When you find DJ’s who claim to be able to do weddings, corporate events, and regular parties you might want to stay away. However, there are a few DJS who can do all types of events and can be quite good at all three. But for the majority of DJ’s they favor one type of event over another. Make sure the DJ your looking at has real experience doing your type of event.

2.) What type of music do they listen to.

Some people may think this is a silly question to ask a DJ. But the type of music they listen to can give you a hint on their mixing style. Most DJ’s will tell you they listen to everything but all of them have some type of preference of music. Now there is nothing that says DJ’s who listen to hip hop music are better at regular parties and Dj’s who listen to rock music are better at corporate parties. The beauty of music is that no one music style fits everyone. That’s why there are Djs.

3.) What type of lighting and sound system do they have. 

Nothing ruins a party more than when the music isn’t loud enough or there isn’t enough bass in the speakers. Depending on the venue you are in the Dj should have a system that can accommodate the amount of people you have and the size of your room.  The other piece of equipment that can make or break your event is the lighting for the dance floor. Lighting sets the mood for the whole night. If the DJ you are booking doesn’t have lighting equipment in their package then you should consider getting it elsewhere or finding another DJ. A good lighting package will use a few led lights and what is called “intelligent” lighting. These are the lights that change colors and move in all kinds of directions.

These are just a few questions that you should ask your perspective DJ. For a more complete list of questions you should ask when booking a DJ for an event check out this website.

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