Giant Lite-Bright

Constructing a Giant Lite-Brite

Building games is our passion. We love to recreate peoples favorite child hood games and make them life size for private homes, public spaces, or for corporate event rentals. The nerds at Absolute Amusements decided to build a Giant Light this go around.

How did you determine how big to build the game?

Well we first sat down and looked at an original lite-brite. We then measured the game for the length, width, and height of the game. Then our designers figured out how many holes that we wanted by counting how many holes the game had and multiplied it by our scale size for how large we wanted the board to be.

How about the pegs! How many pegs came with the light bright?

Our designers calculated how many pegs the original game had of each color and the number of holes the game had. We then took the ratio of how many pegs the original game had and divided it by how many holes our giant Lite-Brite would have.

This is just some of the process that we used to make our Giant Lite-Bright as close to the original game as we could. When you take the pegs out of the board no light shines through. This game is just beautiful. The possibilities are endless.