Temporary Internet Rentals For Events

The Benefit of Temporary Mobile WiFi Networks For Events 

Festival Wifi Rentals, Outdoor Wifi RentalsWith mobile apps, event webpages and the need to stay connected at events, it has become more and more important to provide reliable fast internet to your attendees and staff. Unfortunately, not all hotels and conference centers are created equal and you may find yourself at a location that has a poor internet connection or crappy WiFi coverage. What’s worse in some cases is that poor internet connection is costing you an arm and a leg. If you could picture yourself in the situation above, then chances are you are needing a good solution for your next event Wifi rental.

Benefits of Temporary Event Wifi Rentals:

  • Lower cost than in-house WiFi providers
  • Scalable to your event
  • You can add WiFi outdoors or in unique areas

How does it work?

After completing your paperwork, you are usually able to pick up your hotspot rental or depending on your needs, the WiFi solution would be shipped directly to your venue. After that, it is as easy as plugging in a laptop and hitting the power button.

Choose your WiFi rental package based on overall user count and desired speed

Renting a temporary WiFi solution doesn’t have to be difficult. When considering who to rent with, there is a couple of things you need to make sure you know and ask before choosing a provider.

Most mobile event WiFi rentals are based on cellular modems or also referred to as 3g/4g/5g internet sticks. Most temporary internet carriers will offer you different size packages based on your overall event needs. These packages are usually scaled by the number of people you need to support and not your overall internet speed requirement. Whatever package you choose, keep in mind that the download speeds of the device you rent will be split between the number of users you need to support. Your speeds are not always what is listed on the website due to cellular coverage in the area. If you are concerned, ask to have your specific location checked on a cellular coverage heatmap.

Reasons to Rent a Temporary Internet Kit For Your Event

Gain freedom from crappy event wifi with our temporary event wifi rentals 1.) No Contracts 

You do not have to agree to any long-term contracts or credit checks by cellular providers. The solution is scalable to your needs and you don’t have to be a network engineer to rent one.

2.) No overage fees (Provider Dependent) 

Depending on who your provider is, they may or may not charge you data overage fees. Pay close attention to how much data they include in the package and what the overage cost is. If you are not careful, this can be a very large expense you were not expecting.

3.) Customize your network to fit your needs

Have a dead spot in your venue? No problem just put the internet modem there or have your provider add another access point. Need a custom network ID or splash page? No Problem at all! Temporary WiFi Rentals give you the flexibility that you often don’t have with in house hotel WiFi providers.

As always, if you are looking for someone to help you with a better WiFi rental experience, then give us a call today or request a quote!