Top Event Trends In 2017-2018

2017 isn’t over yet and some of these trends are set to carry into 2018.

Audience Based Cellular Phone Driven Experiences

One of the more popular experiences coming about in 2017 is crowdmics. Taking attendees cell phones and turning them into the audience microphone. Gone are the days of runners or making people stand in line behind a microphone. They get to use their own cell phone to be apart of the conversation.

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Hastag Printing, Event Trends 2018

Another really popular experience that works well in extending a companies online brand is Hashtag Printing and Hashtag Mosaics. With Hashtag Printing and Mosaics, you get user generated content uploaded to the web which drives and engages people to your brand. Companies are always looking to get a great ROI and this is one way of doing it.

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Interaction Based Experiences

Companies are beginning to find more value in experiences that drive interaction and social interactions than in previous years with more off the shelf experiences. More and more companies are looking for custom branded experiences and custom designed experiences that relate to their brand and their vision.

With attendee platforms becoming more and more popular, companies are searching for a way to connect their attendees in an easy and meaningful way. One way companies can do this is with a reservation platform that connects with RDID Wristbands. Have guests sign up online, reserve their tickets and connect their information. When they get to the conference, they get a RFID wristband that they can use to check into sessions, share information or automatically share their photos on social media from event photo booths.

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Corporate Event Dodgeball Rentall

Team Building has always been a great way to bring people together. But team building doesn’t always have to be challenges or experiences that require people to follow certain instructions. It can be as fun as playing Dodge Ball! Team based sports are a great way for people to work together and blow off some steam.

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Data Driven Sponsorship

Analytics is becoming very important for companies putting on events. They want to know what their return on investment was, how many people were engaged and sometimes even what the demographics of their audience is. Data driven sponsorship is going to be very important. A great way to collect event analytics can be through IBEACONS, NFC or WiFi!

Event Wifi Rental, Wireless modem access pointWhen you get an event based WiFi rental, you can sell sponsorship pages to companies. These sponsor pages are shown anytime anyone logs onto the conference WiFi rental. These sessions can be tracked and ROI proven.

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