80’s Parties Game Rentals & Ideas

Do you remember the 80s? Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, and more! Time to relive your childhood and have a blast from the past with these 80’s parties décor and entertainment ideas. If you are looking to add some fun items to your next 80s corporate event then give us a call! We can help you with your decor, entertainment, and planning of your event.

Open Air Photo Booth

Open Air Photo Booths or Selphy Kiosk can be a great way for large groups of people to take fun pictures together. The larger the background the easier it is to get those great shots. Add in some inflatable stereos, sunglasses and colored bling and you have yourself a decent 80’s themed photo op. If your attendees would like a more personal touch, then an onsite event photographer can help move the crowds along and offer that personal connection that millennials crave. Want to make your photo op even better? Add some truss and lighting to capture some motion and flair with a GIF or video booth.

Digital Graffiti Wall

Nothing screams 80’s like a colorful and vibrant Digital Graffiti Wall. Guests step right up to the Graffiti Wall and use “real” spray paint cans to create their own artwork. They can choose from almost any color and use any of our installed stencils to make a masterpiece. You can even have a custom stencil for your client’s logo (design dependent). Want to make it even more special? Add Marilyn Monroe graffiti artist that your guests can take pictures with and then graffiti on a virtual background (pictured above).

80’s Arcade Games | Retro Arcade Games

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80’s arcade game rentals are a great way for you to bring fun and entertainment to your next corporate event, private party or trade show booth. Titles like Pac Man, Mrs. Pac, Galaga and more are sure to entertain your guests for hours. If you need more places to sit at your event, then you can add cocktail arcade games to your event so people can sit and play games and have somewhere to put their drink.

Giant Lite Brite

Lite Bright Rental, Lite-Brite,

The Giant Lite Brite Rental is a perfect addition to any party. Guests are wowed and amazed as they are taken back to their childhood with this life size Giant Lite Brite. With 7 different colors, guests can play and design messages. Not to mention this thing looks awesome when the lights are off.

Pac Man Themed Everything!

When in doubt go the Pac Man route. Check out this awesome wall decor piece that would be sure to stun and captivate your guests. Adding large LED decor pieces to your room such as this PAC man wall decor creates an anchor piece that ties your whole room together.