Summer Carnivals | Planning Your Outdoor Event

This is the season for carnivals and outdoor events! Are you an event planner planning a corporate picnic or private event? Are you planning a community festival and looking to do a carnival theme? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you should read this article. Below is a list of ideas, concepts and things you should think about if you are planning an summer outdoor event.

Carnival Themes – That’s right you can do more than one theme!

Decorate your carnival themed event in the style and groove of Jack Sparrow. Add “pirates revenge” to your event and let guests step aboard a pirate ship. Customize the 6 player Water Race to see which pirate has the best aim. Decorate the surrounding areas with various decor. Or decorate your carnival in the traditional feel of Coney Island. Add classic carnival games such as the horse race, coke bottle ring toss, milk bottle knock down, bushel basket toss and more!


Plan The Flow Of Your Event By The Games

Whatever style event you are planning, it is important to plan the flow of games. If you put games to close together that draw large crowds in one area, your guests won’t walk through the rest of your event. They will tend to stay bunched up by the more popular games. Consider spacing the larger games or more popular games out and putting less popular games nearby. This will allow guests to have more space by the more interactive games, have other things nearby to occupy them and force guests to walk around and mingle. For example, a game like a Roll a Ball Horse Race might attract long lines of people who will want to keep trying their skill.

Plan A Shade|Dry Area

If you are planning an outdoor event in Florida during the summer months, then it is a good idea to consider a rain plain. While it doesn’t always storm for long, Florida can have micro showers or pop up storms. If you plan to have a space for this, such as a large tent, then that does two things. First, it gives your guests an area to go to for shade and to cool down. Second, it allows your guests to have somewhere to go to get away from those brief rain spouts that are all too common during the summer.

Now, if you are looking for some fun games to rent for your next, then check out this list below!

LED Skeeball Rentals

Light up the night with our unique LED Skeeball units.  Complete with LED lights in the alley and around the ...
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Balloon Darts

Ready, take aim, and throw! Our Balloon Dart rental is a classic carnival game that is perfect for kids of ...
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Dunk Tank Rentals | Custom Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank rentals are a fun addition to any party or event. Doing a carnival themed corporate event? Dunk Tanks ...
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Golden Arm | Carnival Strength Tester Rental

Test your strength with this arm wrestling arcade game. Are you a wimpy person or are you a champ? Rent ...
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Shifter Game

Carnival Speed Reaction Game Absolute Amusements features a 6 player shifter and a 9 player shifter game. Each of these ...
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Whac A Mole

This is our single player version of the 4 player Whac a Mole. This game can be branded all the ...
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Strength Tester Rental, El Toro Strength Tester

El Toro Strength Tester

The El Toro Strength Tester is a classic game of strength and will. Test your strength against the mighty bull! ...
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Whac A Mole, Trade Show Traffic Builder, Carnival Rentals, Orlando Carnival Parties

Four Player Whac-A-Mole

Bring back your inner childhood with our four player Whac A Mole arcade game. The object of this game is ...
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Skee Ball, Skee-Ball, Ally Roller, Amusement Game Rental Orlando

Skeeball | Ally Roller Rentals

Invented in 1909 in Philadelphia, Skee-Ball has become a staple to amusement parks and arcades everywhere. Hear the balls roll ...
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World’s Tallest Pinball Machine

Attention, Excitement, Suspense | Rent the Worlds Tallest Pinball Machine Place a ball in the conveyor belt and watch as ...
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High Striker Rental Custom Featured Image

High Striker

Try Your Strength Out at Our Hi Striker Absolute Amusements offers different sizes and options for our Hi Striker (High ...
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6 Player Water Race

We have taken this classic carnival game rental to the next level by adding 4 more players, as well as ...
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Roll a Ball Horse Race

Just like the lovable State Fair, your guests will walk up to one of the most impressive games available for ...
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Marksmanship – Wild West Shooting Set

Test your target shooting skills with this truly fun shooting set. Bottles and cans actually fly off the log when ...
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Down the clown, cannon blaster, carnival game rentals orlando

Boom Ball Knockdown | Down the Clown

This unique twist on the classic carnival game, Down the Clown, is fun for all ages. Feel the power as ...
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2 Player Water Race

Step up to the water cannon and prepare to blast the target. Steady hands and true aim is what it ...
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Custom Milk Bottle Toss Rental Florida, Las Vegas, and Nationwide!

Milk Bottle Knock Down

Milk bottles are stacked tall for challengers to knock them down with the toss of a ball. Players must knock ...
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Bushell Basket Rentals, Carnival Game Rentals,

Bushell Baskets

This is a classic carnival game and fun to play for all ages! Players try their skill in tossing a ...
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Horse Carousel

Add this beautiful Carousel Horse to your next Carnival themed event. It is mounted on a base and is the ...
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Ring Toss | Coke Bottle Ring Toss

Try our Coke Bottle Ring Toss at your next corporate event, trade show or carnival themed party. Add our Coke ...
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Cow Milking Contest

Challengers step up to test their skill at the Cow Milking Contest and do their best to out-milk each other ...
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Fortune Teller Booth

We predict you'll love this fun attraction! Take a mystical look into the future with the Fortune Teller Booth ...
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Fortune Teller Booth With Lady

We predict you'll love this fun attraction! Take a mystical look into the future with the Fortune Teller Booth ...
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Frog Bog has proven over the years to be one of the most popular carnival games ever. The skill of ...
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Frog Fly

Froggy Fly Fling lets the player test his or her skill by catapulting a giant fly or bug into Froggy's ...
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Funny Mirrors

If you need to keep your guests entertained, then look no further than our crazy Funny Mirrors. You'll be amazed ...
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Goblet Ball

If you are looking for a carnival game idea, then check out our Goblet Ball, also known as Color Ball ...
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Milk Can Toss

The play can be easy to difficult depending on the number of balls you decide is needed to win. Players ...
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