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Roll A Ball Horse Race

Roll A Ball Horse Race, Kentucky Derby Race
The piece that was featured is almost 50 years old.  We rescued it.  It sat outside for a couple of years getting rained on and living in the desert sun. We took a chance on it brought it back to life and here it is.

We are not a restoration company. We are really good at taking vintage pieces and putting a digital twist on them.  Last year, at a client’s request, we installed RFID readers in this piece. Once you came up to the machine you showed your RFID lanyard to the reader, your information was gathered and your lane was enabled.

We were able to gather data on all of the players and that data went to the cloud for our client’s analytics team.  It measured length of stay, how many times they played, & win loss ratio.

We have a love for these vintage pieces and we find the balance between having museum quality pieces that are fragile vs. something that can withstand the rigors of the road and still maintain that charm.  We end up fabricating a lot of the replacement parts, as you simply cannot get them anymore.

We don’t just do just classic stuff; we do have virtual and augmented reality pieces as well.

How the game works

So today using our Roll A Ball Horse race we are going to have the 2nd most exciting 2 minutes in sports.  There are ten lanes.  We will use four. One of our team will operate the game.  He will enable the appropriate lanes.  He will then open the chutes.  The ball will roll down to the player.  The players will then roll the ball up to the target holes.  There are holes for slow, fast and faster.  When the ball drops in a target hole the horse will advance the appropriate distance.

The first to the finish line is the winner. At the finish, a bell will sound, the winning horse’s light will light up and that particular jockey will go down in history as the winner and will have all bragging rights associated therein.

Check out this video of our Roll A Ball Horse Race on derby day 2018 on the set of fox and friends.

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