2020 Event Planning Trends

2020 is the start of a new decade and maybe the last push where events and consumer-like experiences are blurred together. We have put together a list of event planning trends that are expected to become more important and some ideas on how to address them.

The first trend, which seems to be growing, is the desire for more intimate events. With cell phones causing us to have less face to face time than ever before, consumers and attendees want to invest in experiences where they feel like they can make connections with people. For some brands and organizations, this might mean doing more frequent, smaller meetings or personalizing large scale events to offer ample opportunities for personal level connections. Below are a few ideas to help create those personal connections.

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    • Create a game night for attendees. Organize an event that has lots of classic games like pool tables, atari pong, or even a classic game with a modern twist like Giant Space Invaders. Give people the opportunity to interact together and create memories.
    • Create micro experiences within a larger room. A great way to make people feel connected is to create separate spaces all within a larger event space where people can connect with each other while trying something new they’ll love. You could consider having a cocktail class where guests can learn how to make mixed drinks. You could also have a tye-dye experience where guests can make their own shirts together.
    • Use charging lockers instead of charging tables or seating. By using a charging locker instead of tables or seating, you are forcing people to put their phone away. Once those pesky phones are out of the way, they can join in on the activities! You can host a yoga session for your guests while their phones charge. Or offer guests one on one scheduled meetings with other attendees or suppliers for an impromptu networking meet.

Another event trend that is becoming popular is silent conferences. Well, how do people listen to a speaker if everything is silent? Thanks to the invention of the wireless headphones speakers or presenters can now present to a crowd while they listen in on their Bluetooth headphones.

    • You can incorporate it with things like catch box or real-time audience polling and texting to pull people back into the experience together.

A third trend that we are seeing in events is the need for wellness initiatives. With health becoming a hot topic with people and the desire to live healthy lives, it’s important to incorporate these types of healthy micro experiences into your events.

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    • Morning yoga sessions. People LOVE morning yoga. As yoga’s popularity has grown over the last few years, it would only make sense to incorporate this offering into your event schedule.
    • Virtual Reality Rowing and Biking. With VR being a hot topic in recent years, you can add a healthy element by incorporating VR Biking or VR Rowing. Guests can compete to see who has the fastest time during the conference and you can give away a prize.
    • Sleep pods. These sleep pods provide a unique way for attendees to relax and decompress. Check out this Alpha EGG Chair. Because of its unique design and material composition, it creates a quiet zone that is perfect for relaxing, taking a quick nap or reading a book!
    • Blender Bikes. If you are looking for a way to incorporate fun and health into your event, our Blender Bikes are the go-to choice. They allow your guests to not only get physical exercise, but can allow them to get more face time and leave with a healthy snack. You can host group or team competitions where they relay to see what team can blend the best or fastest smoothie!